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The Haunting

This story is a spin off from ‘Talland Red’ and was shortlisted to be read at a Halloween Short Story event. It was written for multiple voices - make of it what you will ... 

It was if anything, more challenging - a story based around the Talland Frescoes - of which only one account  substantiating their very existence, was ever written ... 

‘In the early part of October 1849 it was found necessary to take down the wall of the North Aisle, on which were discovered a number of fine frescoes; they consisted of two series, laid one on the other, the first (that nearest the wall) was executed in colours, while the other was traced in black and being on a white ground its figures were displayed in bold relief. Both were much defaced by exposure to heavy rains’.

My original story is a reimagining of that account ... what were they like; what stories can they tell ...

My quest has taken me on a fantastic journey from Cornwall to Rome; to the City of Jerusalem and the Holy Land; to the birth of Christianity; and to King Arthur and his Knights. A celebration of art in medieval wall paintings in Tudor England and the legends of old Kernow.

You can read the full essay here - The Haunting

Written for the Church community it remains unpublished.

What next I wonder!

To be continued ....

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