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Painting Polperro Blue  

A creative non-fictional essay tracing the origin(s) of Polperro Blue ... a reworking of the original article - In Search of Polperro Blue - that first appeared in the Journal of the Polperro Family History Society (Spring 2017).

It all started with a question my Sister Viv asked: Why is Polperro Blue - like Why is the Sky Blue - just an idle thought; an ordinary question - what could be exciting in that ... 

Yet my quest has taken me on a fantastic journey around the world and to the beginning of time - well almost. I delved deep into the history of blue – that most mystical and magical colour, held in reverence by ancient civilisations.

‘It starts in 1955 with a passage from a book by James Reynolds - celebrated Irish Raconteur, Author, Artist and Traveller - ‘Sovereign Britain’ (1955) ... He wrote then of the Persian Blue seas of Cornwall and the Duck Egg Blue sky ... The old fishing ports, celebrated in songs and innumerable novels of Cornwall, owe a great deal of their allure to the high, narrow gray or whitened stone houses, roofed in cloudy blue slate, their window sashes painted black, hot red, white, or yellow, which appear to march in tightly closed ranks, zigzag up the cliff. If the village is Polperro, its doors and sashes, hand rails, too, will gleam with the intense Polperro Blue, a dye that is found in a mollusc among adjacent rocks …

You can read the full essay here - Painting Polperro Blue

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