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My chief delight is in nature, and when I look at a painting it is to find something about nature in it, especially some expression of the feeling produced in us by nature, which is, to me, the most important thing in life … After W H Hudson – ‘Afoot in England’ – 1909

A while back, after a lifetime of watching birds, and inspired by books, and memories of childhood walks and picnics in the country, I started to collect old paintings, prints and books, of landscape and wildlife; which celebrate the British countryside, especially its birds. I’m not an artist but I love collecting pictures. It is my passion!

The artists I collect are known for being the best in their field, painting and recording a time when Britain was perhaps more in tune with its traditional countryside pursuits. Through their art they can transport us back into nature and somehow keep alive those bygone days. At last I’ve made a start on cataloguing my Collection.

I have written about many of my favourite artists in the posts of this blog – Thorburn, Ennion, Tunnicliffe, to name a few. Occasionally I have some of their prints for sale (see my Gallery below). For more information, or if you want help finding a picture by a particular artist please Message Me .

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Showing all 4 results