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Rookery Wood

Rookery Wood - Cameos of Birdlife #2

Not far from where I used to live as a child (see photo in the previous post), close by the village church 1 there was a rookery. I would often stay out, well past my bedtime, watching and listening, until all the sounds of the day had faded away; and there was just the stillness before night ...

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Happy Days

Happy Days

Well that’s Christmas done and dusted - well almost. The decorations down in a day or so, to be packed away in the loft with yesteryears toys, dusty boxes of old photographs, and household ephemera; mostly junk - treasured memories. Another year over - a new year beckons ...

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Winter Wagtail

Winter Wagtail - Cameos of Birdlife #1

It’s late afternoon on a cold grey winters day just after Christmas. The high mountains lost in snow-heavy skies; distant woods a purple haze. The New Year beckons.

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My Haiku Calendar (2020)

My Haiku Calendar (2020)

I enjoy watching birds - but mostly now I write and blog about, well about birds, from the comfort of my favourite chair in the conservatory at home (if you’ve read my ‘About’ page you will perhaps get the reference).

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A Christmas Post

A Christmas Post

It’s 10 o’clock in the morning. Still dark, gloomy, and wet; very wet. Well it is where we live anyway. And looks set to stay that way. Even the birds are mostly silent. Yet ...

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