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At school I always enjoyed writing and usually managed to work in a story about a bird or animal to English homework essays no matter what the topic was really about.

A bit of a dilettante at heart I could never really settle unless I had Birds to watch and a bit of countryside to nurture me - at one time only the view of the shivering fluttering green-gold leaves of a Silver Birch outside my upper floor flat window. If nothing else there was always the sky, day or night, in which to get lost - Cosmic Consciousness as Richard Jeffries eloquently and emotionally described it.

A muck heap philosopher my Sister, Vivienne, calls me - there's nothing like it for clearing the sinuses on a frosty winters morning than quietly forking a pile of steaming muck around; and the simple physical and repetitive task is calming too. So the mind is clear: For what - putting the world to rights - no for me, like walking, it clears the mind allowing me to capture a thought; to think - to start the process of writing. To create.

It is against this background that a thought or idea will pop into my head - a question that must be answered - that challenges the intellect. The internet makes it easy to search out answers to questions today and in the process sometimes the writing of an article or book is engendered.

Funnily enough neither of the articles published here are original thought. Polperro Blue came out of a question Viv asked, and Talland Red out of the research for that article (published this April 2017 in Polperro's Family History Society's Journal).

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