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My Haiku Calendar (2020)


My Haiku Calendar (2020)

I enjoy watching birds - but mostly now I write and blog about, well about birds, from the comfort of my favourite chair in the conservatory at home (if you’ve read my ‘About’ page you will perhaps get the reference).

This year I tasked myself with writing a series of monthly posts featuring my bird haiku - a sort of calendar or almanac. It seems to have been well liked; so pull up a comfy chair by the fire, perhaps with your favourite tipple, and read slowly through the years collection ...


dawn breaks 
woodcock probe
the shadows


 sunny days tease  the blackbird into song 


red skies - 
from wind-tossed trees
stormcock sing
Wales Haiku Journal Spring 2019


 sunshine filling every room the cuckoo’s call 

Presence (issue: 68) Summer 2020


 sedge warbler climbing among flags sing incessantly 


lazy afternoon 
in buttercup meadows
chasing dreams


buzzard soaring 
above the mountains
thunder rumbles


 a whitethroat bursting from the hedge the only sound 


lights flicker 
after the storm
a robin sings

Published in hedgerow #133


lights twinkle 
in darkening sky
a curlew calls


low and silent 
jack snipe flush from
flooded fields


drifting snow 
shattering the silence
a wren sings

Wales Haiku Journal Summer 2019

If you enjoyed these haiku and have a Kindle (or similar) then you can download more here - ‘Feathered Skies’. Published by Proletaria, as an eChapbook (PDF); it’s free - so go on!

Artist Credit

The Featured Image of a Wren is a limited edition print from an original by Peter Hayman.

Peter Hayman (born 17 February 1930 in Uxbridge, Middlesex, England[1]) is a British ornithologist and illustrator.

He worked as an architect for several years in London but in 1969 he became an artist. His main interest was water-colour paintings of British birds.

In 1991 he published "The Complete Guide to the Birdlife of Britain & Europe". This richly illustrated book with 3,500 water colour paintings which was published in collaboration with Rob Hume was translated in several languages, and became a popular bird guide in Europe.

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JC Home
December 8, 2020 11:43 pm

Thank yoy. Beautifully done.

December 9, 2020 3:46 pm

Hi there Clive, I hope you are keeping well and safe. Wales is not in a happy place just now, nor any part of these islands, so looking forward to having my vaccine jab! When did we ever look forward to having an injection? Before I get carried away, this is a wonderful recap of the year, thank you for treating us to your verses! I particularly like the last one as it is just so ‘winter’! We did get some snow here, but it lasted all of one morning!

December 9, 2020 4:33 pm

Wonderful to read them all in one go. Yes, beautifully done!

December 9, 2020 5:00 pm

Congratulations! That drawing of the wren is so precious.

December 11, 2020 11:52 am

An excellent collection of soon-to-be hokku! I’ll try to convert them. Thanks, Clive!

December 11, 2020 12:17 pm

Thank you for collecting these together, Clive. A beautiful read around the year. I’ve been doing a weekly blog around the year on with many new paintings of animals and birds

Andrea Stephenson
December 12, 2020 8:50 pm

They work wonderfully as a collection Clive. Read slowly like this, it’s like experiencing the year again – but the peaceful, good parts of the year!

March 3, 2021 3:35 pm

You know, you must be having an effect on me as I keep having the urge to have a go at Haiku! And I’ve downloaded myself a copy of your publication to keep, beautifully done. I love the wren image…as you know, I particularly love wrens and feel they make for a wonderful art subject.