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A River Chorus


A River Chorus - Sunbeams dance on the surface of the water; a slight breeze brings the sound of birdsong from the ‘greener than green’ woods and fields at the edge of the river; the May blossom - drifts of snow along the river bank; an exquisite undertone - the sound of early summer - heard and yet unheard; a backdrop to the ‘Great Chorus’ (Edward Grey) ...

While most of us only hear the early morning dawn chorus drifting in through the open bedroom window, Rupert, blogging as the ‘Lone Kayaker’ has gone out on the water and made video (audio) recordings of the birds he saw, and heard, up and down his local estuary in Cornwall.

  I’ve been banging on for years about how the dawn chorus in the UK is one of the great natural wonders of the world, generally to members of my family, who generally ignore me …

Follow the source to view his complete journey.

Source: Songbirds Champions League. A Surprise Winner.

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Clare Pooley
Clare Pooley
May 12, 2019 2:12 am