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A Moment in Time


In a break with what this blog is all about and because it’s fast coming up to Christmas I am sharing some of the love and joy our daughter Bea brings us everyday with her singing.

A few years ago for her 18th birthday we got her into the studio to record some of her favourite songs of the moment. The result was a one-off CD.

It was a special moment in time, one which we will treasure forever. We never came up with a name for the CD and have never had it published. But it is a treasured keepsake.

A follower of my blog - Lavinia Ross - some 15 years or so ago made her own special keepsake CD (Keepsake) and listening to this again made me think it was time to give my daughter’s CD a name and the credit she deserves. So even though it’s maybe a bit cliche we’ve called it ‘A Moment in Time’.

So as a thank you to our lovely daughter and a way of thanking my readers here is a little joy to share this Christmas.

A Moment in Time
(A Keepsake Album of Covers by Bea)

Click on the ‘cloud’ download link to the right of the track-listing of ‘A Moment in Time’ to play each individual track. This will take you to the track on Dropbox. You will need to back out of Dropbox to return to my post.

Happy Christmas Everyone!


All the songs were sung by Beatrix (Bea) Bennett with backing tracks licensed from Karaoke Version

The CD was produced and engineered by Russ Hayes at Orange Sound Recording Studio, Penmaenmawr, Conwy, North Wales.

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Martin Smith
December 27, 2018 6:09 pm

She has quite a voice! I will be listening to all the songs in time, but I like the two I have heard (Moonlight Shadow and Yellow). Thanks very much for sharing them with us.
Does Bea write her own material as well as do covers?

November 27, 2019 3:50 pm

Hi Clive,

Many thanks for giving me the link to this. Bea is very talented and has a lovely voice. I’ve loved the Maggie Reilly version of Moonlight Shadow since it was first released and Bea’s version is up there with it. You should be very proud of your daughter!

Just a thought, but have you posted these songs on YouTube? If not, I think it would get plenty of views and listens.