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A Few Monostich


A Few Monostich

Sometimes my haiku especially the one-liners or monoku seem to call for a setting - they seem a bit lost - somehow unfinished ... adding a title provides a sense of place in which the ku firmly resides.

Here then is a short collection of my monostich ...

my ringtone

da-da-da-DUM yellowhammer singing on the wires 


yellowhammer sing on into the night 

dressed to kill

springing teal  bang  on trend 


breaking the ice we make new friends 


drifting snow   the only sound my footsteps 

night terrors

shadows on the wall chasing sleep 

chasing dreams

early morning pathways through the buttercups 


dawn breaks  woodcock probe the shadows 

shadow play

street light flickering outside my window 

early morning

drifting with the tide swans come closer 

black redstart

distant thunder a flash of fire among the bricks 

first day of spring

above the river beat the sound of drumming snipe 

five miles out

beyond the shoals gannet plunge from mackerel skies 
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JC Home
June 7, 2021 5:35 pm

Keep posting! I have enjoyed every one of them.

Andrea Stephenson
June 7, 2021 7:14 pm

Usually we get a context from your prose, which explains the origin of the haiku, but the title works to give them extra weight.